Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Desecration of Shrines

        Wahhabi Al Qaedian  militants have killed not only many people, but  in the different countries they have also destroyed many shrines of Islamic Personalities. Especially,  in some Islamic countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan & Syria the the situation of peace and security is very bad. In these countries militants of Al-Qaeda & Taliban are destroying the graves and shrines of people who were followers of different sects like as Ehl-e-Sunnah & Ehl-e-Tashee. Actually Al-Qaeda and Taliban are based on Wahabizm and indirectly they are funded by Saudi Arabia and other Arab Kingdoms. Thousands of Mosques, Imam Barghas (Mosques of Shia),churches and Shrines have been destroyed by them.  There are hundreds of videos and pictures available on Internet, are proving above statements. 

           More sad news is that extremists in Syria, destroyed the shrine of the great Companion of the Prophet "Hazrat Hajar bin Adi". They have also opened his grave and shift body to unknown place. However His body was fully fresh and  safe. This can be see in pictures.


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