Sunday, 6 October 2013

Tablighi Jamat /The Religous Mafia

        Tablighi Jamaat started in India in 1926. And rapidly spread in many countries of the world , its followers are in found Pakistan, India and Bangladesh thousands in number. Tablighi Jamaat is mainly adhere to the Deobandi beliefs infect it preaches the Deobandi beliefs instead of Islam. In Pakistan, it has strong network and its headquarter is located in Raiwind  near Lahore. This group has also strong relations with Talibanization and it supports morally,  religiously, economically and also strong support with manpower to Taliban in Pakistan and other countries. 

          With having simple apparent and  innocent-looking, these people are directly or in directly involve in drug dealing, supply of weapons and terrorism in Pakistan. In the annual gathering in Raiwind, hashish, opium and many other drugs are brought from KPK and are supplied to other areas. Religiously this group is against Ehl-e-Sunnat and Pakistani philosophy it has deep roots in every field of Government of Pakistan. Tablighi jamaat is working like termites and that's why some people say that it is slow poison. 

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